On this Website

You can find Information about my Resourcepack like the List of Features and the Downloads with a useful Changelog listing all new changes.
You also can find a Link to our Discord Server or Screenshots and Youtube Reviews in various Languages.
Also you can find the Credits and Usage Guidelines aswell.

Discord Community

We have a Discord Server you can join to discuss with other People who use my Resourcepack or you can have a nice chat.
Here you can share your Screenshots of your Builds you created and who knows maybe i'll use your Screenshot in the Future. :P
You can join the Server with the Button below!

Continue if you want to find out more about the Resourcepack! :)


Customizable & Beautifully crafted Menu Interfaces

All Menu Interfaces will have a fitting background theme to fit their respective Block where the Interface originates from, however if you don't like that there also is a possibility to have Mojang's simple Gray Interface or if you want to keep everything in sight while Fighting with other players you also can get a See-Through Interface!

Make it Yours

Make it yours

This Resourcepack has a large amount of Addons you can choose from if certain things aren't exactly your taste or if you want to spruce things up.

I also often take Users Requests for certain Wishes and try to make them possible so if there is a thing you really would like to have, tell me and ill see what i can do! :)

For a Full list of all Featues/Addons you can check out the Features Page.

Screenshots and Media

If you are looking for Screenshots of the Resourcepack or Videos/Review and other Stuff you can find it
on the Media Page.

Version Changelogs

This Pack has Changelogs for people who need to keep up if certain stuff has been changed.
You can find the Changelog on the Download page for selected Version usually.

Legacy Support

If you want to use a older Minecraft version, let it be for Nostalgia or for Modding reasons you can find Old Downloads
on the Legacy Support Page.

Credits and Permissions

This Pack uses some Textures from very helpful People who allowed me to use them, if you want to know where I got certain stuff you can find that out at the Credits & Permissions Page.

Where can I find the Downloads?

Well let me take you to the Downloads Page if you ask so kindly!